No Non-Sense Noodleless Chicken Soup


I assure you- noodleless chicken soup is delicious!  I learned this recipe through my ma who learned it from my nan.There is nothing better than coming home on a cold winter day to a warm bowl of soup. The best part about this soup is that it not only pacified my hunger pains, it fed my soul! When sick or under the weather this soup has brightened my day. It’s almost as if it wraps itself around you and  gives you a warm hug. Thus it should be shared, so I hope you can make some for yourself and whomever you wish to show some delicious love.

Here are the basics and what you’ll need for this recipe. Remember this is a guideline, try whatever you want in term of ingredients. Cooking is experimentation at it’s finest. Off you go! Happy Eating!  Let me know how it goes! If you have any questions just ask!

What You Need
Medium – Large Size Pot
Small Pot
1 Ts Olive Oil
1 Ts Minced Garlic
1 Medium Chopped Onion
1/8th Medium Sliced Cabbage
3-4 Chopped Whole Carrots
1.5 L Chicken Broth (I used Irresistibles Bio Organic Chicken Broth)
1.5 L H2O
Spices to taste. Sea Salt, Pepper, Rosemary, All Seasoning, Garlic, Garlic and More Garlic 🙂
1 Can Green Peas
1 Can of Chickpeas
8 Chicken Drumsticks
1 Large Purple Sweet Potato (if not purple whatever sweet potato you can get your hands on)

500 mL Butternut Squash Soup (I used Campbell’s Gardennay Butternut Squash Pre-made Soup, you can also puree your own BNS)
2 ts Montreal Steak Spice

Optional Dumplings
1.5 C Unbleached flour
3/4 C cornmeal
1/2 C H2O

Now that you know what you need, here is how to get it done.

What To Do
Bring Large Pot up to Medium Heat.
Add: Olive Oil, Chopped Onion, Cabbage, Carrots, and Minced Garlic, sauté few mins.
Add: Chicken Broth & H2O, bring to boil.

In Small Pot.
Add: Butternut Squash Soup, Montreal Steak Spice
Bring to boil.
Once boiling, add to large pot.

Add Peas & Chickpeas to boiling pot.
Add Chicken Drumsticks.Continue boiling.
Add Potato. Continue boiling. Cover.

Chicken is cooked when it pulls away from the end of the bone.
Once stove is off you may debone your chicken or .. not.

Optional Dumplings …that I suggest you make- yummy!
Mix flour, cornmeal and water with fork until manageable with hands.
Roll into small balls and drop into centre of boiling pot. If you don’t keep water boiling you may find that dumplings stick to bottom, so keep that boil rolling! Helps them to cook quicker as well.

T= table spoon
t= teaspooon


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