Chilean artist and illustrator Oscar Ramos has created these palpable images which portray the battle we fight with leading healthy active lifestyles. The illustrations created for the Government of Chile offer positive support to citizens in making that choice.

It’s so easy to over indulge these days, especially with busy schedules and our growing working hours, time for exercise and eating right can become a chore to our over worked, sleepy selves.

Which is why it is so important to kick your will power into high gear and attack your lack motivation for a better lifestyle. Exercise and eating right will not only create a cycle that keeps you going, it will truly make you feel GOOD; and when you feel good, make way for all the feel good vibes to enter your everyday life.

You can do it! Use Oscar’s images for what they were meant to do, let them motivate you to be healthy- McDonalds fries? Who needs those to survive!

We both know eating right and exercising go and in hand- so check out some healthy food options by popular Food blogger Anjali Shah (thanks for all the recipes Anjali!) and exercise tips  from the Harvard School of Public Health too to get you started.

Live well & prosper.



Oscar Ramos is an artist and illustrator from Santiago, Chile. In a public service announcement by the Government of Chile, the print campaign below entitled, “Elige Vivir Sano” (Choose Healthy Living) encourages citizens to “Exercise their will power” and choose to live a healthy lifestyle.

In the brilliant illustrations below, Oscar envisions the constant battle we face with eating well and having an active lifestyle. It is our will power that ultimately determines the life we choose and these are just a few of the struggles we face on a daily basis.



Artwork by Oscar Ramos




Artwork by Oscar Ramos




Artwork by Oscar Ramos




Artwork by Oscar Ramos




Artwork by Oscar Ramos




Artwork by Oscar Ramos




Artwork by Oscar Ramos




Artwork by Oscar Ramos



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