Make No Mistake- Blunders Build You Better

Don’t be ridiculous. True perfection rarely exists. Even our own ideas of what perfection is don’t match up with what someone else believes perfection to be. Theres no universal definition of perfect; so why do so many of us strive to be or pretend to be?

Don’t worry if you have a pile of mistakes behind you- step on ’em and let them lift you to your next destination in self-growth

People make mistakes. Committing blunders goes hand in hand with being human; and when we make those errors the only way to turn the not so desirable situation into a valuable tool is to do what  most of us really don’t like to; admit the fault in question.

This doesn’t mean blaming someone else either. If it’s your mistake, own up to it. The quicker you do this the faster you can make positive changes!

The key to building a better you when mistakes are made is simple. Learn from them – do not harbor them.

After acknowledging the mistake made, we can move forward to understand where things went wrong, and learn where to go next. Considerably easier said than done, especially since there’s a massive stigma surrounding failure in our society. It must be because declaring our inadequacies opens us up for reflection, making us feel vulnerable, so we shy away from doing anything that makes us feel this way. On top of it often we are paired alongside our shortcomings. Some believe if you make a mistake you are a mistake or if you have failed,  you are a failure which is unfair and quite absurd.

So lets challenge this frame of mind and choose to rise above and beyond our failures, not by ignoring them and letting shame consume us,  or even worse by blaming others. Instead, metaphorically speaking, stare your mistakes in the face and say “I see you and you’re not going to get the best of me.” In turn you’ll be the one gaining a personal upper hand.

Use what you’ve learned as a stepping stone to improve yourself; after all some of the worlds greatest inventions and findings took many mistakes and failures to come across. Mistakes may not bring you the results that you hoped for, but they will show what not to do or what to change.

So make no mistake, blunders build you better!

Want some tips on working through your mistakes and utilizing the lessons they can bring? Give Scott Berkun‘s blog a read over and learn to do just that here.


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