oh hey there! nice to meet you.


Well hello. This is my very first post for thought-bubbles. It is nice to meet your acquaintance!

self-expression & creativity is why “we”  as in the collective blog universe even exists, which is why thought-bubbles has become my own personal living journal page. there are some things you should know about me. i  choose to see the beauty in life, even though sometimes it can get pretty ugly, taking the good from the bad, thought it ain’t always an easy task. i like to speak my mind, and i’m sure some may not agree with my viewpoints but it’s just my opinion, you are certainly free to have your own. 🙂


since this is a special post, i thought i would dedicate it to a very special person who impacted my life so much, causing me to follow my heart, be happy, creative and just be me. no longer gracing this earth, my friend corey always encouraged me to be artistic and express myself, thus here we are at thought-bubbles.


he gave me some perspective and taught me to see life differently. this poem i wrote to enlighten others to do the same. maybe this could help you in some way, sure hope it does. happy reading!


until next time. 🙂

written by k.rudder


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